This wasn’t designed for a standing-based pee session.

To piss is fine; to sit down and pee is divine.

-Some Asshole

For the majority of my adulthood, I’ve sat down to pee.

I’ve also been a guy for as long as I can remember.

Being able to whizz while standing is something of a luxury - I’ll certainly admit that - but most of the time it’s not only unnecessary, it’s fucking disgusting.

Have you ever seen a waterfall?


Photo by tom coe on Unsplash

Yeah, that’s what your piss is doing when you stand up to urinate in a toilet.

A stream of water going into a bowl of more water creates a mist of the two fluids. This is why the base of a toilet where a man is pissing regularly will get caked over with a urine-like syrup.

I suppose if you’re really big into golden showers, or bathroom-cleaning in general, this might really get your kink going. For most people - myself included, and probably any woman - we’d much prefer if you just grew the fuck up, dropped your big-boy pants, popped a squat on the toilet, and let ‘er rip.

Besides, it’s a great opportunity to troll Facebook or Twitter, or read the thougts and rants of your favorite degenrate, FaceyNeck. 😇